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Annual Announcement

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- This LJ is friends-only.

- I am not accepting new LJ friends.

- If you're not already my LJ friend, I'm not going to bother to read your LJ messages. Take your drama elsewhere.

Summary of the issues with Pingbacks

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Apparently, linking to your FB profile will put your full name on your LJ Userinfo page.

Which as we all know, is Googleable.

And even if you link within a locked entry, it will send the person linked part of your post in the notification email.

Plus, shared comments will include the subject line. One example of why this is dangerous is if you had a locked entry, and your friend Helga posts "Oh my God, dump Javier, I'll call the lawyer for you", and links the comment to her FB, while Javier is watching Helga's FB to make sure that you're staying in line... Yeah.

This isn't just fearmongering and what-if. This has been playtested. Extensively.

Click here to turn that shit off.

Something Someone Else Said

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"If somebody is investing time, resources, and energy into convincing you of your own worthlessness, that same somebody has revealed to you that they have a lot to lose if you don’t believe them. They’re protecting their own loss of power. Which means they perceive you as somebody who can take that power away. If somebody is putting in the work to knock you down, it’s because they’ve got something to fear about you if you’re standing up."

Why I Love John Rogers, part the Millionth.

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For those of you who haven't been paying attention, John Rogers was the mastermind behind the recent Blue Beetle reboot, and he had a blog that linked to my blog's review of BB, and he was all, "Hey, I'm co-producing this little show about thieves and by the way, one of the crew happens to be Christian Kane" and that's when most-all the rest of you heard about Leverage from screaming fangirls.

So, essentially, if I can't be Warren Ellis when I grow up, I want to be John Rogers.

He answers questions about the episodes about a week after the ep airs (schedule permitting) and this right here is pretty much how he rolls (emphasis mine):

@Anonymous: Any chance for Eliot to develop feelings for Parker this seasons?

They make a great team (they have a great Wolverine/Kitty beat in mine, #303), but they're not emotionally suited to romance. At least in canon. Do whatever unspeakable things thou wilt on your livejournals.

(Because, you know, there is fanfic like that. I can point you to it. No I haven't written any. Yet. I've got schoolwork!)

Did some Flist cleanup

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As you may or may not know, this journal is Friends Only. And I don't just friend anyone. Deal with it.

If I couldn't remember who you were, and you hadn't posted in over 2 years, you got punted. If you are actually still around, and you want to get back on, remind me who the hell you are, please.

Where's my damn Q-tips?

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Last night I dreamt I was trapped in a high rise building with no power, minimal weapons, and a million zombie tribbles.

I'm totally poking my brain with a Q-tip for that one.

Open letter

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Dear Men of

Titling your post "Oregon Man" and then not entering anything in any of the fields will get you a zero star rating.

No love,
Mary Sue

Signal Boost

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This is about my homegirl Molly, and the love of her life, Nathan. And the xkcd comic Grownups, which you may remember is my favorite one ever and hangs on the wall in my fabulous apartment.

See, Molly filled the bathtub with play balls, had Nathan jump in, and then asked him to marry her.

He said yes. Awww. <3!

Molly's got lupus. It sucks. A LOT. It really sucks because stress, even the 'good' stress around planning a wedding, complicates the illness to life-threatening levels. My girl's been in the hospital 6 times in the last two years already. The last thing she needs is her wedding-- HER AWESOME WEDDING to the totally awesome Nathan-- to put her back in the hospital.

This is where you come in.

Click here. Vote for Molly and Nathan so they can have the chance to win a wonderful wedding, complete with wedding planner to do all the stressful bits for them.
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And by 'a couple of you', I mean Cross and Stakers.

And by Cross and Stakers, I mean you should get your happy hippy arse over to the new C&S Facebook Page.

Creatures of the Night, ARISE ALREADY!

12 Names

Common Sense | foresthouse
Name: Roberta Gavou
Age: 35
Date of Death: November 24th 2008
Location of Death: Rome (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death

Name: N.N.
Age: 50
Date of Death: December 25th 2008
Location of Death: Rosate (MI), (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Beaten to death

Name: Aline da Silva Ribeira
Age: 24
Date of Death: January 16th 2009
Location of Death: Naples (Italy), in the street
Cause of Death: Strangled
Sources: &

Name: Puttalakshmi’s (Hijra)
Age: 30
Date of Death: (shortly before) February 19th 2009
Location of Death: Bangalore (India)
Cause of Death: Thrown out of a moving vehicle
Source: Bangalore News, 19.02.2009

Name: Smail L.
Age: 36
Date of Death: March 24th 2009
Location of Death: Valencia (Spain)
Cause of Death: Beaten to death
Sources: 25.03.2009 & Las Provincias 26.03.2009

Name: Image Devereux
Age: 34
Date of Death: April 14th 2009
Location of Death: Fayetteville (USA), in the street
Cause of Death: Not reported

Name: Ketlin
Age: 19
Date of Death: May 2009
Location of Death: Uruaçu (Brazil)
Cause of Death: Dismembered and beaten to death
Source: LGBTT-Blogspot, 03.07.2009

Name: Camilla
Age: 30
Date of Death: Before June 22nd 2009
Location of Death: Volgograd (Russia)
Cause of Death: Shot
Source: Spiegel Online 23.06.2009

Name: “Cesar” Torres
Age: 39
Date of Death: July 8th 2009
Location of Death: El Paso (USA), own apartment
Cause of Death: Beatings and severe injuries
Sources: El Paso Times, 11.07.2009, KDBC 4 News, Portugal.Gay 13.07.09

Name: Paulina Ibarra
Age: 24
Date of Death: August 28th 2009
Location of Death: Hollywood (USA), own apartment
Cause of Death: Stabbed to death
Source: ABC 7, 07.09.2009

Name: "Rusbel Antonio" Torres Jesús
Age: 30
Date of Death: September 21th 2009
Location of Death: Chimbote (Peru), in own liquor shop
Cause of death: Shot
Source: El Comercio 22.09.2009

Name: Monserrat (”Elder Noe”) Maradiaga
Age: Not reported
Date of Death: October 10th 2009
Location of Death: San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
Cause of Death: Run over by a car
Source: 24.10.2009

Names taken from the international list of 169 transpersons reported as murdered in the last 12 months. The actual number is likely to be much, much higher.

November 20th is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

May the angels lead them into Paradise, may the holy martyrs receive them as they arrive and take them into the Holy City.


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